Top 5 reasons, why buying a video game in Game Stop is way better than online.

Dirty Dan Eker's Game Reviews

  1. Pre-orders left-overs are a thing

If you are not a video game pre-order fan, you could still pick up a, hot from the oven game, sometime even a week ahead of its release date! Smaller local stores, like Defcon in Berlin, always buy a few extra pre orders. Unlike Game Stop, they buy these for a lucky few that come in and ask around.


  1. Escaping The Boyfriend Seat

Game stores have designed themselves similar to how record shops, like tower records, or comic book stores used to. You get the feeling that it’s ok to hang out there. When you are on a tedious shopping tag-along, No longer will you sit around bored out of your skull. Being ignored while fantasizing about, how you always told yourself you will never be in this position ever again. Yet here you are. The Covers of new generation video games are not called…

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