Why Will Final Fantasy VII Remake Kick Ass


Take a moment and think

Think about that Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer that blew our minds. How is it even possible, that 17 years after a game comes out, fans begged and yearned for a remake? And it worked!

It wasn’t the graphics that made it such a milestone, I’ll tell you that much. Even for the time, I Dan Eker, was not impressed. The controllers would make your thumb bluster (press X to run). And the turn base combat was repetitive and annoying, until you encounter a boss. That part was truly exciting.


So What Made FFVII It So Special?

Gameplay – Never has there been a game that turns from a turn base JRPG to: a snow-boarding, Motorcycle chasing, submarine adventuring, quest puzzling, a war strategizing, and a weird story driven Tamagotchi game.

Graphics – Say what you want about Final Fantasy VII’s gameplay graphics. Those cut scenes were out of this world, and so were Tifa’s boobs (Go team Tifa!). Playing the game as a young teenager, Dan here was not the only one who got a little too attracted to a bunch of polygons.


Story – What can I say about Final Fantasy VII’s story that hasn’t been said before? In the loneliest time in my life, I had 9 best friends! The fact that the whole game was in text, and the length of it all, just brought it closer to being more of a book experience. The scene where you are about to jump into the final battle, you get to say goodbye to all your friends. That’s what they are, your real friends! It’s heart breaking, you actually linger around thinking: “maybe Vincent will finally have something more to say?” As if.

Replay Value – Because we were so young playing it for the first time, we hardly understood half of the humor, the drama or the suspense!  As you take your time, travelling the open world you find little Easter eggs like: the ever sleeping ninja, and his sneaky one-liners.

Music – They turned midi files into a complete orchestra! Drop mic, I mean composer stick.


What are we The Final Fantasy VII fans expecting?

To put it mildly, we are expecting Final Fantasy VII to be treated like an adult. Too long have we been disappointed! Disappointed by these; weird, cutesy, awkward, clumsy teenage targeted morons! And not only have we been disappointed by Square-Enix. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have also forgotten who made them! Stupid fish nosed clichés.

Cloud had soul; he was vulnerable, yet super strong. That’s what made him so fucking special! I think we the FFVII fans want a fulfilled love interest, and maybe even the option to choose! We want more insight about Barret! We want to see how Marlene grew up! We want to see Yuffie in training and we want to level up so much Sephiroth won’t see what hit him. Don’t let us down!!!

Those were my thoughts, what do you think?

Dan Eker



  1. Alen · July 25, 2015

    You just pushed the nostalgia button… I can’t wait!


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