Using “Just Dance” The Video Game As Cardio Actually Works! Check Me Out In My Undies

This Is, The Part Where, I Say Shut Up Ariana Grande You Midget

About 10 months ago, I swapped Modern Warfare for a Playstation camera with some dude at West Berlin. I had no Idea which games were compatible, but I guess the idea of having a PS4 accessory shined to me. It seemed that the only PS4 games were The Play Room and Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2014. I went down to my local video game store Defcon in Charlottenburg. I mentioned how cool Defcon are previously here. I bought Just Dance 2014 there for like 30 Euros. At the time, I was about 75 KG with % 23 fats, and a customer support job that kept me leashed to a chair 9 hours a day. I needed the exercise! I striped down to my undies, popped in the game, got a bottle of water, and began our plutonic yet sweaty love affair.


Look At Me Shake It In My Underpants

So, Just Dance 2014 has this social option to it called; Just Dance Television (JDTV).  Where, for some reason, people upload themselves shaking it in their living rooms. Actually, JDTV was a great tool, to later see your fitness progress.

I moved faster, I lost %15 of body my fat, I had way more energy, and I actually had a good time Just Dancing! The Music list for Just Dance 2014 was so diverse and fun; I played 3 times a week, for 5 months and never got bored. Heck, I even figured out I liked Chris Brown! But, for Every Just Dance 2014, there is a Just Dance 2015.

maxresdefault (1)

Ubisoft, Stop Trying To Sugarcoat Us Adults With Macarena, Everybody Hates Macarena!

Yes, I know, the music industry is an industry. And pop music is a money maker. But I have nothing against pop like; katy perry, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Even Rihanna sometimes (when she’s not live). But what was so balanced in Just Dance 2014’s song list was lost completely in 2015’s. Suddenly there are 3 birthday songs, an O.D. of Ariana Grande and her undecided music ganre, and the most forgettable dances ever in the series. Though there were more songs to choose from, it seemed like the 25-35 year old demographic was, yet again, neglected. (Stop trying to make Macarena happen again! It was a mistake we made in 6th grade). Trying to be current, in these hipster infested dark days, is just a life time value loss. These artist and songs change so fast, by the time the game comes out, what used to be a rising star, is already a homeless junkie of a song. That’s why I say this to you Ubisoft: Go with the classics!

Here’s My Dream Song List, Who’s With Me?!

After a-lot of arguing I give to you my dream Song list (made a list on youtube so you could keep it in the background). Leave me a comment, tell me what you think my list, or send me one of your own.

Dan Eker



  1. joenmrui · July 26, 2015

    your dream list is great! but remember that just dance is for everyone, and that includes children. Most of the song in the games have censured words (that’s why anaconda couldn’t make it to the game, when it was the most requested) but I agree with the old ones, those are classics worth the dance. Anyway, just dance crew said that they want variety in their song list (that’s why you find really old song in the series).
    I enjoy the game as well as you do, I have more energy now and the best part is that is fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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