Angry Birds 2 : How Ballistics and Azimuths Training Turned into A Toilet Phenomenon

Say what you want about Rovio’s games

You can’t deny that their game designers have re-invented themselves 17 times over. From That first Angry Birds, the one we used to get our nephew to stop climbing us. Rovio’s Angry Birds have come a long way.  But, I’m not going to bore you with numbers and merchandise revenues owe. I’m here to tell you if this game is worth your download and time…TL;DR YES! Here’s why.


Angry Birds 2, Or Shall I Call It; Toilet Hogger Returns

#AngryBirds2 just came out, and its’ pecking the mobile world, with its bloggers, magazines and Reddit fan-boys by an easy Monday’s article. one that is really click worthy, Thanx guys. But what is so” Bigger Badder Birdier” this time around?

Graphics – Charming, clean, fun and fully animated. The exact opposite of that indie game your friend made you never opened.

Gameplay – As usual the first 10 levels are just an introduction to your birds’ capabilities, so don’t make a spectacle of your toilet achievements just yet. Angry Birds 2 added a multilevel slingshot. This means you get two slingshots, structures, and targets to demolish in each level. Only one poet can explain the fun factor of Angry Birds 2. As The Great Cornholio would say; “pra ta tata ta Destroy!!!”

Music – As if anyone is playing this game with the sound on. Those poor musicians put their soul into this game, and all we do is mute it.

New Features – Rockets that fly and explode, flowers that swallow you up and throw you out for more, the original Red bird still possess the force from the star wars game, and one extra bird called Silver. He loops, that’s about it.


Dan Eker


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