That Day I Got Quentin Tarantino To Think About Developing Video Games

Written By Dan Eker


Back in 2010 I was a young film student who believed in Karma, creativity, passion and aesthetics of movie violence. Around the same time Mr.Tarantino was in Tel-Aviv promoting his glorious movie Inglorious Bastards, and dating a local pop star for a bit.


I asked every person I know to let me know if they see him somewhere, so I would jump in my car and come to meet him. Not one evening passed, and I got a call from a childhood friend of mine telling me; “Dude he is sitting in Rothchild 12” (local underground bar). I jumped in my car, and rode that Peugeot 308 like a fantasy warrior on a real lion. A hastiness that would usually be reserved to an exciting hook up with some hot young thang.  I enter a Dark smoky bar, the Tel-Aviv posh crowd is acting like; oh, people like Quentin Tarantino come here all the time (they don’t). At the main table, surrounded by a 20 something entourage, and one Israeli pop star, the pink Ogre sits and sips his McAllen whiskey. With his eyes shut, humming to a country song playing in the background. I approach him, and suddenly a giant stops me and says; “Mr. Tarantino must not be disturbed while this song is playing, you may approach him afterwards”. So I stand there waiting for this country song to end, and when it finally does, I come up to him. He stands up 2 meters tall, and is instantly very polite and American.

Dan- “first of all it’s a pleasure to meet you, like everyone that approaches you I am a giant fan of your work”

Quentin- “thank you so much I appreciate you coming to say that” I cut him off

Dan- “But I have a small request of you”

Quentin- “a request”

Dan- “Yes, I would like you to direct or write a video game, I think it could be one the most interesting games ever made” Quentin gives me a surprised look.

Quentin- “But I never played video games before, do you think I could even approach something like that”

Dan- “you never played? What about Kill Bill”

Quentin- “ you know what, those movies are a bit like video games, I never thought about that…You know what I would like to do, A Board game”

Dan- “like the house of horror one, just where let’s say your player can lose limbs or something” Quentin smiles at me

Quentin- “I like that idea, what was your name again”

Dan- “It’s Dan, But I never told you, you were too quick to politely shake me off” Quentin shakes my hand again.

Quentin- “I’ll remember your name if I ever come around to making that game, It’ll say Thanks Dan From Tel Aviv. I smiled, Shook his hand and let him enjoy his evening.


Needless to say everyone in film school heard about this small encounter, and I retold this story about 100 times.

Dan Eker


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