Top Ways To Know You Are Batman!!!

Move aside all those confusing reviews for Batman Arkham Knight. I’m Dan Eker, and I’m here to tell you if these games are really worth your free time.

TL;DR Yes it is, because it’s an escape to become the Batman we knew as kids, in that awesome cartoon.


Comic book heroes, as if anyone remembers they were once only in comics, are now all over the main stream Hollywood movie list. Or shall I call it #Marvelwood. With odd reboots like; The Fantastic 4, with that sexy midget girl (NSFW) from house of cards as the invisible woman. Or reboots like; another Spiderman. Comic book heroes, especially in games, seem more and more like WWE wrestlers. Flatly hating each other, and fighting for no real reason. And in this day and age, where graphics are always amazing, how do you choose which game to play? Just ask me J


Driving: Batman Arkham Knight, is the third of its series. Arkahm Knight is getting a lot of heat for; sticking the Batmobile as the only way to finish many missions. Let me say this first: The Batmobile missions are great! I usually don’t like races in games, but because this is really an intelligence + Skill addition. It’s not really a cheap extra game, Rocksteady’s junior’s contributed. Flying around Gotham is still the best way to travel, but the Batmobile, and especially the 1989 movie skin for it, is a solid second.


With the Batmobile out of the way, let’s talk about what Rules and Sucks about Batman Arkham Knight:

Combat: The weakest link in this game. Rocksteady didn’t change anything up here. Although fans of the game like it, let’s be honest; it’s too easy, outdated and a little bit condescending towards hard core gamers. It’s so ridiculously easy, They should add a patch or DLC that’ll insert; POW!,  KaBOOM!,and  Wham! it’s really hard to lose a fight when you are batman. He basically flies in the speed of light between foes. They even added a scare Tactic, it can knock out up to 3 foes in one hit without giving them the option to fight back.


Story: Batman Arkham Knight has a tight, slowly unfolding, film nourish story. Just like what DC stands for (Detective Comics), Batman is going through a physiological roller coaster ride. After cremating The Joker in the opening sequence, Batman seems to be having a hard time letting him go. There is a weird Evil new Batmanish character that is working with more familiar foes, and he seems to know everything about you. Batman’s inner feelings are represented by the Joker’s harsh remarks, voice acted by no other than Mark Hamill.

Side Missions: If you read my Blog before, you would know I really appreciate good side missions. Here is where Batman really shines! Because of the way things are revealed in Batman Arkham Knight, You kind of encounter your side missions by “accident”. For example; while you are zipping and flying through Gothem, you encounter Serial killer victims that you can investigate, or a bat like creature of the night you can try to follow around. These types of side missions really expand the universe and let you feel the city through Batman.

Batman-Arkham-Knight-The-Perfect-Crime-Most-Wanted-Victim-3 rsz_1maxresdefault

Summing up:  This game won’t make you jump up and down saying “I’m Batman”. But it is a solid 8 on my scale. All the familiar voice actors, and the way the game reveals the story. Batman Arkham Knight really throws you back to the cartoon we all loved as kids.

Get It.

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Dan Eker