That Day I Got Quentin Tarantino To Think About Developing Video Games

Written By Dan Eker


Back in 2010 I was a young film student who believed in Karma, creativity, passion and aesthetics of movie violence. Around the same time Mr.Tarantino was in Tel-Aviv promoting his glorious movie Inglorious Bastards, and dating a local pop star for a bit.


I asked every person I know to let me know if they see him somewhere, so I would jump in my car and come to meet him. Not one evening passed, and I got a call from a childhood friend of mine telling me; “Dude he is sitting in Rothchild 12” (local underground bar). I jumped in my car, and rode that Peugeot 308 like a fantasy warrior on a real lion. A hastiness that would usually be reserved to an exciting hook up with some hot young thang.  I enter a Dark smoky bar, the Tel-Aviv posh crowd is acting like; oh, people like Quentin Tarantino come here all the time (they don’t). At the main table, surrounded by a 20 something entourage, and one Israeli pop star, the pink Ogre sits and sips his McAllen whiskey. With his eyes shut, humming to a country song playing in the background. I approach him, and suddenly a giant stops me and says; “Mr. Tarantino must not be disturbed while this song is playing, you may approach him afterwards”. So I stand there waiting for this country song to end, and when it finally does, I come up to him. He stands up 2 meters tall, and is instantly very polite and American.

Dan- “first of all it’s a pleasure to meet you, like everyone that approaches you I am a giant fan of your work”

Quentin- “thank you so much I appreciate you coming to say that” I cut him off

Dan- “But I have a small request of you”

Quentin- “a request”

Dan- “Yes, I would like you to direct or write a video game, I think it could be one the most interesting games ever made” Quentin gives me a surprised look.

Quentin- “But I never played video games before, do you think I could even approach something like that”

Dan- “you never played? What about Kill Bill”

Quentin- “ you know what, those movies are a bit like video games, I never thought about that…You know what I would like to do, A Board game”

Dan- “like the house of horror one, just where let’s say your player can lose limbs or something” Quentin smiles at me

Quentin- “I like that idea, what was your name again”

Dan- “It’s Dan, But I never told you, you were too quick to politely shake me off” Quentin shakes my hand again.

Quentin- “I’ll remember your name if I ever come around to making that game, It’ll say Thanks Dan From Tel Aviv. I smiled, Shook his hand and let him enjoy his evening.


Needless to say everyone in film school heard about this small encounter, and I retold this story about 100 times.

Dan Eker


The Best Game That Came Out Since Final Fantasy VII


Trust Me, I Wouldn’t Say This Lightly

But after 26 years of hard core gaming, I have finally been pleasantly surprised again! The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a; marvelous, surprising, intelligent and very well designed story. It just also happens to be a polished diamond of a video game as well. As a gamer, there are hardly any games, which make me want to play their side quests. I mean they are usually some kind of never-ending flag collection like that Assasin’s Creed Bullshit! My connection to the game’s world is usually through the main plot. But, and this is a Nicki Minaj Size But, CD Project Red did something I haven’t seen since Final Fantasy VII a game I already declared my never ending love to before.


When Side Quests Become The Main Story, And The Main Story Is Postponed As Much As Possible     

In The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, you sometimes pass by an exclamation mark (!) on the map. It’s usually some kind of “go bring me back an object from a haunted house” type of task. But Sometimes it could suddenly turn into; a “Reunion with an old friend” quest. This reunion will: put you in a moral dilemma, make you threaten a back stabbing douche, and eventually become part of the final battle! No joke! This doesn’t happen on every side quest, but there isn’t one side quest that isn’t chaperoned by a witty, plot thickening story. So you find yourself walking around the world looking for exclamation marks, Easter eggs, legendary Fights, and just about any “Witcher Contract” you can snap off any towns bulletin board. It’s no gold Chocobo Breeding, but boy is it addictive. And sometimes it even gets you laid!


Gerald Teaches You Two Real Life Skills

One of the best parts of this PEGI 18 video-game is; that it is actually made for adults. Put aside the fuck buddies, and the whoring around. The Witcher teaches you 2 real life skills every traveler must know:

1 – How to sweet talk the ladies.

Gerald is really horny all the time! He can’t have kids because of his mutation, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try! Sweet talking several partners into a; passionate, multi positioned, intimate sexy encounter is Gerald’s only trade he doesn’t accept money for, sometimes he pays for it, This brings us to his second lesson for us

2-How to get paid exactly what you deserve.

Most people in The Witcher 3 Wild hunt’s world are broke. Those who aren’t are just really cheap. Gerald’s trade is of great need, but everyone seems to want to weasel out of paying for it. This will sound familiar to all freelancers reading this. Gerald has a way with words, a way that puts the spotlight on grey areas. Teaching you, how to demand what you feel you deserve! And also, giving you the self-confidence to place a limit on how much you agree to be used.


In conclusion, you can go check out all the game reviews praising this game for many technical reasons. But Until Final Fantasy VII Remake answers my demands. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is my PS4 all-time favorite.

Square Enix, The Mic Is Yours Now

Dan Eker